Saturday, September 29, 2007

the Polish Shoppers

So, my dad, grandma, and brother visited yesterday. It was my gram made a plate of kolockies for me again. I gave her a mystery paperback in return (Patterson's 1st to Die)...she reads a book every other day. Anyways.

My dad decided that in our economic state he would take us grocery shopping. He wanted to bring the whole family but my brother is interested in having kids and taking two tired young children to the grocery store is the best form of birth control I can think the husband and uncle took the boys home to play (Hide and Seek Monster). So, three generations went the Meijer. My grandmother had never been to one and wanted to check it out. Shopping is a quest for her...finding the best price in town is the prize.

So, we go in. It was one of the best shopping trips I've had in awhile...of course if was paid for, that's makes it nice. And I had no list with me...which was a bit disorientating but I worked it out. We spent time looking at toaster ovens and crock pots...comparing what we have and what we wanted (not that any of us bought one). I just stocked up a some stuff (diapers) and filled in what I could remember I needed. Not a huge trip (I'm going to Costco with my mom next excited). My grandma bought 2 cabbages, a box of strawberries, two disposable tupperware things, and parchment paper...why? Because they were good deals.

It was so nice to shop with like-minded shoppers...comparing prices, buying in bulk, etc. I guess I know where I get it. I should shop with them more often (especially if they want to pay). Thanks Dad!

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