Monday, September 03, 2007

Curtis Orchard

One of my favorite CU spots is Curtis Orchard. Especially in the fall, it is a beautiful place to walk around, pick apples, let the kids run around. We used to go there a lot...hang out and have a donut and some cider. It was nice and inexpensive family spot.

Things have changed. Over the years they have build up the place, using their Wizard of Oz theme. The quaint store is now expanded into a full cafe (with real bathrooms!). They replaced the little maze with a collection of plastic playhouses and slides (aka Munchinland). They reduced the animal pens to one smaller area and made room for more seating and party areas (my daughter has wanted to have her birthday there for years...sorry, baby). They added a mineral wash (ok, I can't think of the name of this right now...anyone?). They still have wagon rides, fruit picking, photo cutouts, pony rides, big corn maze, giant inflatable slide, weekend entertainment.

You can take your family there and have a very enjoyable time without spending any money. However, if you want to do anything special (e.g. ponies, slides, big maze, minerals, eat) it might cost you a bit...ok, a lot. The addition of the cafe is actually lovely. It is spacious, clean, and the menu is great. A meal is reasonably priced ($4.50-7.25 for an entree, sides, pie). And the food is tasty. However, if you just want a donut and some cider...I think it is crazy ($2.20 for a small cider....those cute apple sippers your kids beg you for...that used to be $1). For 1/2 dozen donuts and drinks for our family it was $15! I remember going there last season and spending $50 each time.

And the store is charming with samples throughout. But, again, a bit pricey. And most of the products are not made at the orchard or even with orchard produce. I still like to indulge in some apple butter. All the jams and sauces, etc. are delicious.

One thing that is completely correctly priced are the bakery items...meaning the pies and cobblers (which you can buy frozen or ready-to-go). They are awesome...the best apple pie I have ever had...not to mention the peace. They run about $12.

Again, you can go and spend nothing. But we limit our visits there now because we don't want to be tempted to spend the money. I just feel like it went a bit too commercial...or they are taking advantage of us...those who love to be there and have grown up with cravings for apple donuts and cider slushies. But a business is a business.

However...still a must-visit for anyone in town.


Leeanthro said...

The maze was still there about a month ago when we went. Have they taken it down since? My daughter ran through it half a dozen times, I think it was her favorite thing to do that morning.

Jenna said...

Yes, the one maze is still there plus the big corn one. When we first went there 8 years ago...they had 4 mazes (3 were free and 1 pay).

Henny Penny said...

Head on down to Arthur for fall fun. We were just there for the cheese festival and the shops were so reasonably priced. There is an old time soda fountain downtown. And the Great Pumpkin Patch opens in a week and a half. It has been a few years since I was there, but I remember being shocked at how much tere was to do for so little $. I'm definitely taking my 2 y/o there this fall.