Friday, August 31, 2007

2 years for baby!

Today is our littlest birthday (something he really doesn't care about...until he sees the cake and presents)! It also marks 2 years of breastfeeding...that is the longest I have bf one child...and he is still going strong (next month....will mark 4 straight years of bfing!). He is at the point where he politely asks to nurse ("momma milk please"), switches sides ("this one"), and can pull at my clothing enough to reach the boob on his own.

As he was nursing this morning...all curled up next to me in bed...I clearly remember the first time he latched on, just after he was born! I can't believe it has been so long! and he is so big now!

Congratulations to all you bfing matter how long you choose to do is a great gift to your child and family!!

So, in honor of our Breastfeeding Anniversary, some bfing tidbits...

An article on this morning about the power of money and breastfeeding advocacy. By that I mean how the formula industry influenced public ad campaigns (you know the government gets no money from breastfeeding families...and bf babies even save money later in life by tending to have fewer health problems). has a campaign to support breastfeeding moms in the work place. Sign their petition here and share your stories.

Motherwear's Breastfeeding blog is something I came across yesterday. Watch the Sesame Street video from the 8/28 post...wonderful!

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