Sunday, September 02, 2007

Money Woes

I read this morning that our water company just filed for a 60% rate hike. This follows the controversial power rate increase last year. Not to mention high, high gas prices. House prices have risen. And so has everything else.

What I don't understand is how come the price of living is increasing at a rapid rate but salaries are not budging. My husband worked for the university for 6 years. When he did get a raise (which did not happen every year), it was minimal (a few hundred dollars). As far as I can see....people aren't suddenly getting paid 60% more than they were before. Of course, we have chosen to work in the non-profit world but still...

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Leeanthro said...

I'm at the U of I (so is my husband). I rarely get above a 3% raise. But parking fees and health/dental insurance always seem to rise higher than my raise. Our cost of living goes up, but the university doesn't give us a pay increase to keep up with it.

With adding our son to my insurance, and the normal increases my salary is actually going down this year.