Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Fitness!!

Join us at the Fitness Center Open House!!

SATURDAY from 1130am-130pm

2508 S. Galen Dr., Champaign


Food, fun, and its free!! Sign up for a membership and get some great deals!

Take free Zumba classes!!! Classes at 1130am and 1230pm. Free, supervised playroom will be available.

Zumba is a great latin dance-based cardio class! You will be having so much fun, you won't realize the 400 calories you just burned...and how you've toned whole body! Very beginner-friendly and for ALL ages**!

And I happen to teach it!!
Come out and have some fun...whether you want to join the gym or's a fun event!
*The Fitness Center is a great family-friendly gym with a great variety of classes, cardio machines, weights, personal training, massage, and a free-playroom with great hours. Our family loves it!
**Note that classes are only open to those 13 years old and over.


MidlifeMutant said...

You teach it. My daughter is talking about it. SHe's a member courtesy her employer. I'll have see what we can do about Saturday.

How are the babysitting facilities?

Jenna said...

My kids ask to go there. It is clean, well-stocked with toys, and staffed mostly by other moms. They have some story and music times and go outside when the weather is nice. I like it and feel completely comfortable leaving my kids there. They do not change diapers, however.