Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick New TV Thoughts

Ok, my husband got the boys to bed early so I stationed myself in my favorite spot and watched some TV. Here are my thoughts....for Monday night TV.

Dancing with the Stars (Ladies' Night) (ABC)....more dancing!!! so much fluff, I lost interest and stopped watching. But I will probably catch up later. That little Cheetah Girl can move!

Chuck (NBC)...although if you've seen any of the previews, you don't need to see the pilot, but it is something I might watch again. The plot focuses around Chuck who receives a email from his former college roommate (who did some bad things) that contains ALL of the secrets of the CIA and FBI. With a Clockwork Orange-type brainwashing, the secrets get burned onto the hard drive of Chuck's brain. Chuck is so sweet and cute, you want to see how he fairs in the world outside the electronics store.

Heroes (NBC)...I love this show. And the season premiere finally continued the story left lingering from May. However, as many critics have said, there are so many 'heroes' that each episode can't address them all. There should be 2 hour-episodes. There will always be a lot of mystery on this show (what the history of the Petrelli Family?) but always enjoyable!

Journeyman (NBC)...since I was still on the couch...don't judge this series by its premiere. I spent most of the show asking what was going to happen. It is kind of a mix between Quantum Leap (love that show!) and Sliders with a modern twist (his iPhone tells him when he's back in the present). I think the show is about a group of people who travel through time to help people out (e.g. save lives). What I like is that, I think, each episode will be self-contained (there are some series-long storylines...e.g. his relationship with his fam but each 'helping' task will be rapped up in an hour).

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