Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We won!

First of all...oh Britney.....moving on.

Our family won the September Wee Wild Readers drawing at the library! I've never won anything before. We did have an advantage...two kids who submit at least one entry per week (most times 3 or more...you submit one entry for every 5 books read). So, we get the exciting call from Mike, one of our favorite librarians. Once there...our 4th trip in a week, my 4yo picks out a prize...a monkey mask. I hope that he doesn't think this will happen everytime we go. He was equally excited to put my entry in the adult drawing box.

Our library routine is pretty solid...return materials, select new ones, pick word of the day, check in reading logs, check construction crews, watch money do down well, use potty, play trains....

Have I mentioned how much we love the library? You should too...check out your local library!


Mom said...

Congrats! Lizzie was pretty excited about dropping off her papers for the October drawing today while we were there. Since she doesn't realize she could get anything, that is as much fun as anything else :)

And don't you just LOVE Mike? He is so good with the kids and so patient. We like him the best of all, although Kristen and Becky are really nice too.

Jenna said...

My favorite Mike moment was at the Superhero party...he was dressed as Superman (Super Reader, I think) and all the kids 'flew' around the library.