Friday, July 25, 2008

Fitness Friday!

I've noticed that people aren't coming into the gym as much this month...summer has been busy for everyone. Here some things you can do to burn some calories while still hanging out with your family and friends at reunions, weddings, or just chillin' (and remember what you can do in the car on those long drives (bring some weights or a resistance band in the car)).

*Have a dance party or go to a bar with a dance floor and better yet, a live band! (go to outdoor concerts!)
*Go on long walks can catch up or gossip along the way.
*Swim across the lake...or to a raft together.
*Take the row or paddle boat!
*Chase the little kids around! Tickle Monster or Hide-n-Seek!
*Have a leg wrestling competition (a favorite at our family reunion)!
*Karaoke party! Everyone will be dancing!
*Play charades...yes, it will get you moving!
*Contests....most push-ups, crunches, relay races, arm wrestling, Simon says, hula hoop....
*Hit the beach...walking, swimming, Frisbee, sandcastles
*Go to a neighborhood festival...lots of walking from booth to booth

Also, try to drink lots of water and limit the alcohol! Save the calories for that chocolate fountain.

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