Friday, July 11, 2008

Fitness Friday!

First of all...its nice and hot outside now so please drink extra water and try to workout outside in the morning or head inside.

Secondly, let's talk fashion.

1. Have you seen the kids' workout clothes at target? Although cute, silly.

2. You really don't have to buy specific workout clothes, however, you should try to wear either cotton or wicking fabrics. Wear clothes that are comfortable and the right size (too big or too small and you might chafe).

3. Ladies...invest in a couple good sport bras. If you are nursing or have a larger chest, double up.

4. Don't spend a fortune! You will get tired of your workout clothes, trends change, and you will eventually be unable to get the smell out (although a little vinegar and the hot cycle help). I like Target, Gordman's, and Kohl's. We have a Nike outlet not far from here as well. Costco sells nice cotton tanks as well.

5. Invest in good shoes. Your shoes can make or break a workout. You will feel bad or rundown shoes in your whole body. Get a good pair on sale (New Balance in Urbana is having their annual clearance this month!) and only wear them to work out. Replace them at least once a year or depending on your routine (you should be able to feel back or hip ache).


Misc said...

I can't buy pants at Kohl's because I'm too short and they have a VERY limited petite section (like maybe 2 items of workout clothes). I can on occasion get workout pants at Macy's in their petite section for a reasonable price.

I do like Target, especially when they have sport bras on sale.

When I first started running I bought a ton of stuff at Dick's. Then I wised up and went to Target and Wal-Mart.

Jenna said...

For full length pants, I actually have yoga pants from Old Navy.