Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Quickies...

*Went to hub's company the time we got there food and drink was scarce and there was a storm approaching. Quick kids eat your chips, cookies, and cotton candy...jump in bouncy house....head to the pool...please don't puke (no one did...we got to spend about an hour at the pool before the storm actually came).

*I actually went to the picnic after having a mini-meltdown about how they pay him and the health benefits suck (he works in the health industry). All is mended now...well, I realized the errors made in my ER bill and will have them fixed on Monday...he still should get paid more.

*We saw a juggler, The Truly Remarkable Loon, at the library this week. He was really funny and the kids loved the show. He talked a bit too much for my 2yo but the 4yo is now throwing everything in the air. I highly recommend checking him out (he shows a lot in WI and IL).

*My little ones have reached their summer reading goal!

*Just realized we never got our tuition deposit from our former preschool, despite documents given to us, we have to put in a special request to get it back. Lovely.

*Watched Xanadu last night on my brother's recommendation...well, I can see how it is fun as a Broadway show but Gene Kelly, why? Why exactly is ONJ rollerskating? Interesting fact, the movie is choreographed by Kenny Ortega (if you don't know who that is, you obviously don't have kids in the house). Check it out on hulu.
Also watched Batman Begins to freshen up for The Dark Knight. I love Batman...I think the original TV series films are my favorites.


Leeanthro said...

I LOVE Xanadu. Probably because I lived in roller skates during most of my childhood. Since I skated everywhere, I never found it odd that ONJ wore skates. I haven't watched that movie in ages. I'll have to watch it again.

I'm sure we've reached our summer reading goal, but I keep forgetting to write the books down! I should put the sheet on my daughter's nightstand where we keep the library books.

Jenna said...

If you love rollerskates, you will like this FOC video.