Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blues in the Park

Come check out my neighbor play in Kilborn Alley on Wednesday at 630pm at Spaulding Park! Fun and free for the whole family!!


McBloggy said...

I'm so glad you posted this we LOVE them. The lead singer went to school with my husband and we try to catch them each time they're in town. Unfortunately, they aren't good about updating their website so we miss them about 60% of the time. Too bad my husband works second shift. Otherwise we'd be there. Who knows? Maybe I'll try dragging the toddler along or rather she'll drag me.

McBloggy said...

We saw you. My daughter tried to steal your son's bike. I thought about saying "hi" but I wasn't a 100% sure until I got home and looked at the last picture you posted. Great concert though. I wish there hadn't been so much with the guest singer. Their lead singer has an amazing voice. Oh well, next time.

Jenna said...

The flames on the helmet are always a winner with the ladies. You guys are welcome to come over and ride it.