Saturday, July 05, 2008

"We had a very America Day."

We had a great, Americana, family-full Independence Day.

We started with our neighborhood parade and potluck. It is a supercute 4-block parade full of a miscellaneous band, variety of pets, and lots of kids on bikes. Our 4yo rode his bike holding a flag the entire time. Complete with hot dogs, a water balloon toss, talking with friends. (loved that the party had a garbage and a compost bin)

Run home...make potato salad and blueberry jam for dinner. Then pack picnic for the big Champaign County parade through the university. We got a great spot so we could sit in the back of our van. It was a bit long but great to see all the marching bands, politicians, fire trucks, and local organizations. (note: we were obviously sitting in the conservative section, us being the only ones cheering for the democrats, gay rights group, etc. and booing (internally) the gun rights groups and Tim Johnson). I even felt almost emotional when the many young soldiers walked by...but that's another post.

Back home...relax. Kids play outside, once dinner was in good shape I actually laid down a bit. Then dinner (corn on the cob, sloppy joes, baked beans, and potato salad...blueberry shortcake for dessert). Keep kids busy until we headed to the fireworks.

It was a great fireworks show. While we jeans and sweatshirts...the kids caught lots of fireflies and played Uno. The kids ooohed and aaahed over the fireworks. Rush back to the car to try to get out before midnight. One kid was asleep before we left the parking lot...the others minutes after we got home.
The weather was perfect and it was a great day. I hope you all had a great holiday as well.


Jenna said...

I forgot the mention that I videotaped some of the fireworks show so the kids could watch it throughout the year.

Erika said...

hi Jen,
looks like a great day! We had 6 people over for delicious danbeahm food and music (with Talia) and watched as ten or so different community/county fireworks displays exploded in front of us from our patio. It was pretty cool as we realized that the best seat in the house WAS our house!