Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend fun

Despite the heat...this was the first couple days of the summer that I wouldn't let the kids outside for more than a couple minutes...except when we went to the pool....we had a lovely weekend.

We finished most of the big sorting in the house and I am enjoying the open space. I especially like my bedroom...I removed all toys and children's books (although the rocking horse seems to like it in there). The clean floor, cleared dresser and desk, made beds. I also cleaned the car! Does anyone know how to easily and cheaply clean the carpets in the car?

My brother and SIL visited. Lots of good food (mango cream pie!) and fun. A trip to Sholem...its so great going with so many adults. I almost didn't want to leave. Both the boys put their heads under the water! We even held our own mini-Olympics---sorry for taking over a swim lane.

My daughter started her tech week for Seussical so she has had some late nights but she got to have some fun as well.

It was fun and I am now really tired. I went into preschool today to help sort toys so we can order what we want but I have until tomorrow night off from exercise work!

Oh and I watched Dr. Horrible several times....LOVE IT! I'm waiting to purchase the DVD instead of buying it on iTunes. Sequels, please!!!

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Misc said...

Mango creme pie?!? That sounds soooo good.