Monday, June 16, 2008

What a weekend!

Well we decided to spend the weekend in Chicagoland visiting as many people as possible. We always say we need to make more time for friends and this weekend, so we hit two birthday/housewarming parties plus fatherly fun.

First of all, my friend and his girlfriend have the most beautiful condo. Besides the amazing view of the Chicago was expertly decorated. It was so mature (go figure no toys in every corner?). Great conversation.

Next was off to celebrate Father's Day early with my dad, visiting from Colorado, and grandmother. Although I had my taste buds set on a lunch at Portillo's...she stuffed me full of Polish delights. After a nice visit and a trip to the park and the ice cream to another party. This was a surprise party for our friends that recently moved back to Illinois. It was a fabulous day out and we sat outside, talked, and ate for hours. The kids played in the yard (and trampoline...big hit!) until we realized that it was almost 9pm.

Day 3....Father's Day brunch with my step-dad and hubby, of course. Yum, yum! The kids made him some pictures, a trail mix for his long nights at work, and a homemade cd of Songs of the Ambulance (a mix they decided he needs to listen to while driving around town). Then off to the zoo with my father-in-law! The 4yo was super crabby most of the day....spending 30min screaming about a water bottle in the Children's section. Then back to my mom's with some very tired children for dinner and the Tony awards (Way to go Steppenwolf!!).

It was a long but delightful weekend full of love, family, friendship, food, and fun! We are super-duper exhausted (especially since we had to double back after being on the road for a bit to retrieve some forgotten items...and then a couple potty stops).

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Misc said...

Ah, Portillo's. Italian beef. Mmmmm...

We're headed up thatta way next week and may just have to stop and get some.