Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rockin' Camp Rock!

If you have someone in your life between the ages of probably were well aware the the new Disney Channel movie Camp Rock staring the Jonas Brothers premiered this weekend. Those clever Disney people played it on Disney Channel, ABC, and ABC Family (so everyone, regardless of cable-package could see it).

I and 2 pre-teen girls watched it...the prolonged version on ABC (they stretched it to fill 3 hours...the 90min movie plus lots of 'exclusive' peeks at lots of Disney movies/projects). Overall, it was very enjoyable. The girls said it was better than both High School Musicals.

The plot revolves around a music summer camp at which Shane(Joe Jonas), a member of a pop group, Connect 3, is one of the camp staff. The main character Mitchie, played by a rockin' Demi Lovato, gets to attend camp only since her mom heads the kitchen of the camp. However, in an effort to fit in with the popular group, she lies about her family, etc....of course, over the course of the movie and musical numbers, Mitchie realizes that she shouldn't have lied about who she is and everyone should be nicer and truer to themselves. Complete with a camp talent show...the film is predictable but a good message all pre-teens should hear loud and clear.

Besides the fact they are at summer camp yet wear jeans and sweaters all summer...and the music is painfully obviously pre-recorded with lots of is a fun musical to watch with the kids (better without so many commercial breaks). The Jonas Brothers are just so adorable and actually ok actors, the best acting coming from eldest Kevin (but unfortunately has a small role).

For those band/theater/dance/music camp Camp (appropriate for teenagers and older).

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