Friday, June 13, 2008

Fitness Friday!


Who isn't spending those hot days at the pool?! Swimming is a great exercise for every age group! It is very easy on the joints...great for those with asthma...and super fun!

*Tread water while your kids show off their tricks
*Run in place in the water
*Hang on the side of the pool and tuck your knees in and out
*Use your arms and legs to paddle faster around a lazy river
*Race laps with your kids or spouse
*Lay on your tummy in the water and walk with your hands with your little ones
*Pretend you are a synchronized swimmer (think Martin Short/Harry Shearer from SNL...I can't find that clip anywhere!!)
*Practice diving
*Go to the pool without the kids and swim laps (or take turns with another adult)

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