Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner Blues

It is leftover night here (going out of more food to be produced this week)....luckily this week we had two different kinds of cheers for everyone. The two little ones won't eat it because it has sauce on it...the hub decides to change the litter box and take out the garbage (not that I can really complain) as the kids sit down to dinner. Complaints everywhere...I don't want this, I want this, I wanted to do it myself....

Things that I think I said....
If you want that you should live in a restaurant.
I don't always get to eat what I want, so either should you.
Fine, don't'll be hungry.
Please don't drink the pickle juice.
Fine, just eat carrots for dinner.
Just eat it!
When you are finished eating, put your plates away (and don't let me see what you didn't eat).

After being irritated that no one was eating, and realizing that I rarely get to eat what I wanted for dinner...I told my husband I had to go out for a few minutes. After a drive to our newly opened Wendy's (I hadn't made it there yet)...came home with a cheeseburger (I resisted the fry and frosty craving)...which is exactly what I wanted for dinner. I enjoyed it with a salad (I made at home with our first tomatoes of the season and Annie's Natural Goddess Dressing (my big splurge at the grocery store last week)). I didn't get anything for anyone else. It was very enjoyable and I feel much better.


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing to say, "Is this is not a restaurant, Sophia?"

Gwenna said...

I'll have to remeber t his for someday. Good idea! Every mom needs a dinner out by herself every once in a while. :)

OMALLEY said...