Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Quickies...

*Its been a couple days that we had decided to enact our rainy day plan (see Kung Fu Panda)...and then the sun comes out!

*Caught Miss Green's Puppet Show at the CPL on Saturday. My 4yo thought it was hilarious...I thought it was entertaining for 4yos (nothing really exciting or new...I thought she was a bit annoying, honestly).

*11yo sleepover! They were up until 130am!! Makes a lovely day 2.

*I LOVE the new Madonna song, 4 Minutes, from her new album Hard Candy. Not sure what it is, I think.

*Playdates this week!

*TV is pretty bad right I feel like I want to read but I don't have a good book right now...any suggestions?

*We opted out of the Taste this weekend...too pricey to eat there (I'd rather go out to dinner at one of the restaurants) and since hub was working this weekend, I didn't want to bring the little ones alone.

*Summer bugs are here! The boys in the house are covered in bites. I heard that tying a dryer sheet to your pants (or sticking on in any way) is supposed to help. I hate covering in bug spray just to sit outside after the kids go to bed for a couple minutes...but the bugs love me...I'm just so sweet.

*Our 11yo has been attending College of Kids at our local community college. She is taking a science and baking class and a TV production class. She loves it. We got financial assistance so it is a great opportunity.

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