Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Weighty Battle

Ever since I had my boys, I have kept some weight on. I actual lost all the baby weight at one point (like for a day)...but not really. And now...its official that I should probably lose at least 5lbs, if not 8-10. Overall, my clothes fit well, I feel good, I exercise, I eat relatively well...but I have to admit that number is important...and I don't like that number right now. I also tried on bathing suits last week...that was bad. And when I look at photos, I think...yes, I need to lose a couple. (And then there's the shrinking brother who can't keep weight on).

Yes, I teach fitness classes but I actually work out far less than I used to. I really only work out while I am working...which over the summer is only twice a week. And I often use a good work out as an excuse for an extra treat. So...that is goal #1...more and more balanced exercise.

Overall, I eat well. Lots of fruits and veggies...lots of water...a good balance of proteins. But I love junk food...especially sweets. Did I mention my daughter is taking a baking class and brings home treats to sample everyday! So goal #2 is to cut out most of the treats (but allow some reasonable bites once in awhile). Summer is a good time for this since I hesitate to turn the oven on. But grapes and baby carrots really don't substitute for chips and cookies well enough...but I am trying.

And finally...more rest and relaxation. Turn off the TV and go to bed. Don't worry about the mess and play with the kids. Maybe even go on a date with that man that lives here...what's his name again?

So back to Sparkspeople to track my nutrition and activity. I even took some measurements (I was ordering a suit online). We'll see.


The Flying Weglarzs said...

Good luck Jenna. I too am on a new campaign (trying to exercise more regularly and cut down on the sweets that I almost always eat at cafes when I am studying). It seems my scale is telling me I have put on the pounds that Phil has lost. I just can't adhere to his love of ice cream in the summer. Today I'm heading out to look for a bathing suit that suits me as a feel today. Takes a bit of acceptance of my age and genetics! Looking forward to a great day a the beach next weekend....a good motivator to say no to that scone!

Jenna said...

Say No to the Scone!!!

I should put that up in my house...I love scones...I made some whole wheat cinnamon chocolate chip ones this week (no sugar and low-fat)...pretty good.

I do find that I do better having a little 'healthy' sweet once in a while than going cold turkey (then I end up binging).

Misc said...

You can do it, Jenna!

I certainly need to step up the workouts this week with the kids in day camp. Last week I kept it short to minimize their time in the kids room.

And I bought a cherry pie at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

I love those 100 calorie packs of sweets. They're great for just a little something when fruit just won't cut it.