Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some new fun things....

I love Amy Poehler...and although SNL is lacking these days...she is always funny. One of the best characters on SNL in the past 5-10yrs has been Kaitlin (who has sadly been left out since Horatio left). Last night I turned on the tv to chill out before bed, I even punched in Food Network when I heard Kaitlin's distinct voice. excited, hit recall button. It turned out to be Amy Poehler's new animated series on Nick...Mighty B! (sorry, I tried to embed, but it didn't work). So, it wasn't Kaitlin but I am sure this character has her roots in that hilarious series of sketches. My 11yo and I watched was pretty fun, I laughed out loud. Check it out.

Secondly, a new funny book, Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod. It has a great collection of alliterating superheroes. Some of the jokes the little ones won't get but parents will definitely appreciate.

Finally, I finally got a new wallet. I have been hanging onto my navy leather UIUC wallet I bought the first week I moved here. I so love it....I use it as a wallet and key chain (since I used to forget my keys a lot and don't carry a purse). But it was time to say good I got a similar style (wallet-key chain) in yellow on Friday. We'll see.

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Misc said...

We've been digging The Mighty B as well. So much fun.

We also have the Superhero ABC book (a friend who works at a local comic store gave it to the kids). Another good ABC book that both my kids enjoy is Bad Kitty.