Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Quickies...

*Have you done your taxes? They are due tomorrow!! Remember that you need to file 2007 taxes in order to receive your 'big' government rebate (that is all you have to do). We usually keep a little tax money for some fun spending, but I think we will hang on to it this year to...oh, I don't for gas, summer a/c, the increasing water bill (my garbage bill went up too!).

*Pre-teenhood has begun. My daughter had a sleepover on Friday with a girl we have known since kindergarten. Well, they didn't talk to us and retreated to her bedroom for the duration of the visit. They apparently watched some DVD's. Then they headed over to the friend's house for the day. So, they spend 25 hours together....what did you do? nothing. really? we hung out.

*Apparently Katie Holms and Posh Spice only eat 900 calories a day! That is ridiculous! She must not be playing with her kid...I need that much just to keep up. Eat something!

*I love PBS (and NPR)! This week....I watched Illinois Stories about some fascinating historical homes (I love old houses). And my hub watched Frontline (online!) The Medicated Child. My kids are super into Super Why! We spent Saturday making and hiding super letters.

*Did you all see the SNOW! this weekend? Soccer season has officially been extended into June...if it ever gets started.

*My hub wants me to give a shout out to Mr. Rooter! Thank you for saving our basement from the wrath of the sewer (and the packages of baby wipes the boys flushed down!).

*Speaking of the bathroom....we learned that it is perfectly normal not to be bowel trained until 7 years old...especially for boys. Our dr told us to back off our 4yo and put him back in pull ups (which he didn't want but the dr talked him into it). We were really surprised by that. We were so close to being out of diapers...oh well. He still goes au natural at bedtime (he has actually been sleeping that weird?).

Have a great week!!


Leeanthro said...

Not that you want to make him dependent on pull-ups, but if he is aware of when he has to poop, could he ask for a pull-up when he needs one and be in underpants the rest of the day? Is he afraid to poop in the potty?

I guess I would just be hesitant to revert to pull-ups full time if he hasn't been wearing them in a while. But I don't know the whole story and I'm no doctor.

Jenna said...

We hated the idea of putting him back in when he has to poop he gets a pull up. The dr basically said we should start from stratch again...he has retrain himself.

Mom said...

We LOVE SuperWhy. We had never seem it before the Read Across America event when we got the free DVD. Lizzie has watched it a hundred times so I set out to buy her some others because I'm sick of Jack and Beanstalk. I wasn't able to find any so we've been taping them off of PBS in the mornings so she can watch them repeatedly :)

VeganLinda said...

My boys have slept naked since they were six months old until we moved into a 100 year old house and kept the heat very low at they like their organic cotton PJs. :-) But as the temps go up, they will shed their clothes. The older one is already in his short PJs because it is just too hot.

Good luck on the diaper thing. I would suggest trying cloth. I know it sounds funny, but I've had several friends who's four/five year olds still needed diapers until they did the cloth thing and then soon the kids were going in the toilet. I think it has to do with the immediate feedback of feeling wet or slightly uncomfortable. Just a thought.