Monday, April 28, 2008

Clothing Craziness

Part I: Always be Prepared.
Kid 1:
Superman PJ's
Snow Boots
Fire Fighter Raincoat (hood up)

Kid 2:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle track suit
Bike Helmet
Light-up Spiderman Sandals

What would you wear to the ice cream shoppe?

Part II: Pre-teen Shopping Experience....beware
The story of my short (in height) life is finding clothes that fit...somewhere in between women's, petites, juniors, the kids' dept...I eventually find something that fits and is appropriate for a mom. Enter pre-teen daughter.

She is right in between the kids and women's yesterday at Old Navy she got some women's size 1 and 2 shorts but some kids XL tops...and women's size 8 shoes! Help us...we still have to find some 'nice' clothes for a band concert and 5th grade promotion. I try my best to let her pick what she wants but I had to draw the line at one item. I hate shopping. (But I did run into a fellow mom friend so we chatted while the girls shopped...that's the way to go).

In other Old Navy news...I know their stuff runs big but I went to get some shorts off the sale rack to supplement the boys' wardrobe...they looked huge. I couldn't buy them they looked so big.


Mom said...

I like the bike helmet. Lizzie has recently decided that a bike helmet is the fashion statement to make. She puts it on and tells us "safety first" LOL

lbotp said...

That's funny that you say ON runs big. I think their baby/toddler stuff runs small.

Jenna said...

I think the toddler stuff is huge....our 2yo will be wearing the 18mon stuff all summer (when he is 3yo)....which lead to craziness trying to find the 3yo clothes in storage (we don't have separated out because they are still in the drawers).