Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An exciting weekend...

We had a very exciting weekend around here...in addition to our circus trip.

*Soccer...finally! Of course, at least our kids were playing at the same time but...on complete opposite sides of the park...actually they were as far away from each other as possible. So we only watched the last quarter of our daughter's game (missing her goal). No gym needed...carrying kids around Dodds Park. You want to treat yourself to something super cute...watch the microsoccer practice. Our 4yo loved it...until he got mud on his knee...but the coach told him it was ok...you get dirty in soccer (our 4yo's new motto).

*Our friends who recently moved back to Chicagoland came down to visit. Yah! Our kids can play together more often...until their daughter slips and cuts her head open on a chair. ER visit! I think my hub just wanted to show off how many people he knows in the emergency medicine field. So, my hub, friend, and daughter are at the ER. I have my kids plus their baby...sure I'll take care of the cutie baby....until my 2yo gets too close to the rocking chair to see the baby and I rock over his toe! More blood on the porch. He is ok (just ripped his toe nail off) but I had the moment of panic...we all have go to the ER! Mind you...my kids haven't been to the ER....yet (knock on wood). Everyone is fine now...and I hope we can visit again.

*I let the kids take care of birthday decorations and the cake (I usually make my own cake so it is exactly what I want). I come home after some shopping (to make up for the things my hub claim don't exist at Meijer...I found the with ease and Old Navy)...the house looks nice with some lovely homemade banners up. Then I see the cake...well, it turned out ok in the end. I had to do some mending before I handed it over to the boys with final touches. It tasted great! (my daughter made the cake herself).

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