Friday, April 18, 2008

Fitness Friday!

The Push Up!

Push ups are a wonderful full-body exercise that can be done anywhere by anyone. See here for the basic form. Start with one perfect push up. Gradually add more each day.

*Start on hands and knees and only bend at the arms.
*Bend knees ('girl push ups') instead of extending legs
*Hold at the top in a plank for 10-30sec (great core work)
*Let a kid sit on your back
*Put a non-mobile baby under you...give her kisses or fmake unny faces every time you lower
*Have your kids do them with you


Anonymous said...

I was doing moving push-ups this morning and my very mobile toddler decided she wanted to hang out under mommy. I may not have got the best workout but it was pretty funny.

Misc said...

My 4-yr-old is my personal trainer and she's got me doing push-ups and sit-ups every day.

"Do it, Mommy. You need to do 5 push-ups every day. Do it now."