Sunday, April 20, 2008

May All Your Days Be Circus Days!

So, what better way to spend my birthday than to head with the whole family to the circus! Ringling Bros. came to town this parents, brothers, and SIL came down to play for the day. Unfortunately, we only got in there for about 10min of the pre-show but that was ok. We all felt like this was classic we remember when we were kids. Classic clowning...which I love. (could have done without the archer...I don't like to promote shooting things in my you couldn't really see the arrows and the build up time was way too long for the little pay off)

The kids loved it, the 4yo especially. He really loved the lights and watching the shadows of the performers. The 2yo did his own circus of sorts on my lap and on the seats. Of course, we had to have some popcorn (which occupied the 2yo most of the show) and cotton candy. But no other super expensive trinkets (or rip-offs, as we used to call them as kids). Overall, a nice, affordable family day out.

I do feel a bit torn about the circus. I know that there is a lot of concern about the animals. I don't know about these specific animals. But I will tell you that I think the tiger trainer (who is also an acrobat) seemed to really love and care for the animals. She called them all by name and practically cuddled with them.

Now my kids want to be circus 4yo rode his tricycle around with a new brother and SIL have been aerial dance teachers...and my hub is always a clown. I'm sure there will be some risky new tricks in my house for a couple weeks.


Logan Jacot said...

That tiger trainer was Vincenta Pages she is one of the best in the buisness. Generally circuses take great care of their animals. Sadly a few bad apples ruined it for the others. But those bad apples get rooted out.

Take care,
Logan Jacot

Gwenna said...

Andy & Grace went too! She keeps talking about the elephants and doggies. I think Andy loved it just as much as she did. he he