Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have an idea....

This is the new favorite phrase in our house.

Some ideas are pretty good (let's play pet shoppe, let's have some carrots). And some only sound good.

Two boys....one 2yo, one 4yo in their second floor bedroom. I have a good idea...let's feed the birds. Yes, Mom likes when we feed the birds. Enter loaf of bread. How will we get the bread to the birds? Unlock and open window, take out storm window....hum....how will the bread get through the screen. Let's try pushing it through. Holes are too small. Enter screwdriver. Big hole in screen....the bread fits! We did it!

At least we know they are good problem solvers!


Dan S said...

Hmm - helping others by destroying stuff. These boys just might be President some day!

The Flying Weglarzs said...

I think those boys are hilarious! Nice problem-solving and excellent team work to boot.