Friday, April 11, 2008

Fitness Friday!

Try something new!!!!

Many people associate exercise with high school gym class...but there is so much more! It is also important to change or add to your current workout from time to time to continue to challenge your muscles and your brain.

I recently went to a fitness conference...the best part was trying new things. I took a whole class on drumming as exercise (loved it, by the way!).

*Head to the library and check out some DVD's...see what you like.
*Browse the bookstore.
*Watch some infomercials (don't buy them but see what is out there).
*Check out your current gym or any gym and try a new class or new equipment. Most places will offer you at least a free day pass (if not a week) to try out their gym. At least check out their class schedules online. Don't feel bad if you have no intention of joining...get some ideas.
*Check out the new summer schedules for the park districts and YMCA's.
*Glance at bulletin boards in the grocery store, library, or local college/university.
*Talk to your family and friends and see what they are doing.

Find something really fun!


Mom said...

I wish I could afford a gym membership, because there are some really cool classes around town. I think it is the fitness center (or possibly mettler center, I always get them confused) that has the "ball drumming" class and I think that would be so much fun.

Alas, I'm on my own have not motivation. Maybe when Lizzie starts preschool next year and I can join dh's fitness center at work.

Jenna said...

The Fitness Center is adding a cardio-drumming class soon (Drums Alive!).

You can go to some classes and then try to recreate some the things at home (if you are motivated to).

You could also find a group of people (mom's group, church group, family) and get a group membership. Memberships can be affordable or got shop around and join at the right time. (ask about restricted memberships (like mornings only, or certain days), jobs at the gym, student discounts).