Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are they tricking me?

There are times when I am out with the kids and I think...never again will they leave the house. I've gotten to the point where I really can't carry both little ones at the same time...so if something happens....the dreaded drop-n-flop temper tantrum....it is a struggle to leave the location with some composure.

And then there are days like yesterday....they got themselves dressed (the 4yo actually helped his brother), shoes on, potty break....into the car (opposed to running after the multiple bunnies in our yard or dashing for the bikes). We ran multiple in-and-out stops (circus tickets...no you have to wait until Sunday to go in....library, grocery store, car wash). They waited patiently at the children's desk while the librarian got us some circus books. They even went to the bathroom when I forced a stop before shopping. No real whining, no hitting, no crying. Even an 'ok, I'll ride the horse next time' from the 2yo.

I actually kind of stopped taking multiple kids out with me the past couple months after some not-so-nice incidents. But now they are tricking me into thinking we can do anything again. Maybe they finally figured out that if they are good...mom is happier...and they get to eat cheese popcorn.

**Yes, the circus is coming to town this week. Check out Assembly Hall for details (great deals on Opening Night and Saturday afternoon shows...plus ALL shows have a 1hr pre-show for all ticket holders).

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