Thursday, December 13, 2007


*Anyone returned a book to the CPL yet?
The new book drop (located on Healy) is automated...just drive up and a voice will tell you what to do. I was so excited that I returned a DVD case without the movie in it.

*I hate going to the store to find only green bananas. In my sadness, I had to buy some apple donuts...which were delicious...maybe even better than Curtis Orchard's.

*Most TV shows are in reruns indefinitely I put some DVD sets on hold at the library...the lists are in the hundreds. Maybe I will get them before the strike ends. We have The Office, Arrested Development, and The Simpsons. And are you ready for some...I mean a lot...of reality shows? I miss the Daily Show the most.

*More people at the gym this break, cookie guilt? I don't mind, I love teaching larger classes.

*Had some basil tofu from Basil Thai (Urbana) this was so spicy! It helped my stuffy nose. It was still good but whoa!

*Christmas shopping done for all the little ones in my life! Gotta love Amazon!

*Golden Globe Award nominations came out today. I never understand how movies that aren't even open can be eligible for nominations. I also watched a documentary about these awards so I don't think they hold much weight...but award shows are always fun.


Mom said...

Yes, I have used the book drop. I told my kids it was the most uncool thing that had potential to be great I'd ever seen. :(

I'm super disappointed by it and I'm hoping it is a glitch in the system, but point one, I don't like putting stuff in one at a time. I usually have between 6 and 8 books to return at any time hand feed one after the other is a pain. My real problem with it though is the fact that the belt doesn't move continuously. Every time I put something on it, it would stop moving for a second. Dh said this didn't happen to him, but he didn't didn't have 15 books to take back either so I'm not sure how reliable his assessment is.

Hopefully it is something they can fix or it will do nothing but irritate me forever more. Also, hopefully they will get it to the point that over half the time someone doesn't have to stand outside and collect the books. Talk about a sucky job~

Jenna said...

It moved continuously when I have used it. And I saw people putting multiple things in at once. I'm sure we will all work it out. I like that if you do it right, you don't have to get out of the car.

Once the library opens, the kids love to put the books in the bins in the lobby.

Mom said...

I talked to a friend that works there and she said the issue the I had was that all the belts, inside and out, feed to one location that actually does the book sorting. what likely happened was someone inside put something on the belt the same time I did and my belt had to stop and wait for the other book to pass through. My solution is going to be to send my books to work with dh. That way, when he drops then off at 3am, it is unlikely they will have to wait for anybody :)