Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Call for Information

With my hubby's job change....came insurance change. So we had to switch out of Carle--Dr. Hill, Dr. Shepard, Dr. Kala (sob, sob). So, I have tried two Christie docs and didn't like either one (ok, I liked the one doc but the wait was an hour....that can't happen with three kids).

Anyone have any non-Carle peds or family practice doctors they can recommend?



Anonymous said...

We go to Dr. Kummer. The wait can be a bit long but he's a common sense guy and I like that. He won't let you get a word in edgewise though. He's great for me because I want EVERYTHING explained to me, but for a more experienced mom that might be annoying. Hope you find someone you like, some of the peds docs over there aren't great with the bedside manner.

Jenna said...

We went to Kummer and I felt that he didn't take any time to get to know us at all. He didn't ask us what we did for a living, if we had any other kids. He is a talker for sure...but I wanted to save his breath (I don't need someone telling me what I should expect developmentally...if he would have given me a chance I could have told him I have three kids and two degrees in child development).

And that made the difference.

Also, we didn't get a feedback form (something I get after every Carle visit for every doc).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. He's great for me. I'm not much for the small talk and I don't know squat about child development formally speaking (I have 32 first cousins and we all sort of raised each other).