Friday, December 07, 2007

The Great Cookie Debate

Every year I debate whether or not I should make holiday cookie trays to give out. I enjoy baking cookies and making candies. I love planning, making, and decorating. And people like them...I have those who wait for them each year. is time consuming and costs some money. Also, I end up eating the treats as well. My husband actually looks forward to 'awful' task of being quality control. I also have fewer people to give trays to (since most of our friends have moved out of the area). I feel a little bad contributing to the mass consumption of fat and calories over the holidays.

So, who else out there makes cookie trays, etc? Should I continue (this is where the receivers of said cookie trays should chime in)? Would it still be the holidays without cookies? If so, what cookies should I make?

1 comment:

Gwenna said...

Maybe you can scale back somehow? I have a feeling people would really miss them! :)