Monday, July 02, 2007


My formerly naked son...has now adopted a new outfit that is worn very frequently...he calls it his superman outfit (including nice green galoshes, a red and yellow cap (e.g. piece of fabric he found and tied around his neck), sunglasses or a mask he made at the library, and sometimes his purple sequin belt). He wore it to the grocery store last week and ran around looking for danger for thoughtful. And then he wore it all day while we drove to a family reunion...and of cours, at the party as well.

I don't care one bit about this. He is happy...he is doesn't hurt anyone else. I really am more interested in the fact that he can select his own clothing and put it on independently.

Additionally, he has taken up photography. So, as he flies around as Superman...he takes photos with our digital camera. He has been interested in this for awhile but lately he has been getting very skilled. We used to have a slew of close-ups of the rug, chair, my butt. But now...he can focus, zoom, and give the subject direction (move over Dad, saw cheese). He has taken some lovely of the best of my husband and I in years!

Maybe his cape gives his super photographic powers!

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