Monday, July 09, 2007

I've got the fever!

Yes, we have it here....Harry Potter Fever!!

I thought since it had been wouldn't be so wrong. I think because the movie and book are coming out at the same time....we can't help ourselves. I am trying to run through the older books...skimming 1-5, reading 6 again. Watching all the movies again. I just love this book series and so do so many others.

And we have plans.....pre-bought tickets to the movie for Wednesday. Pre-ordered book (months ago, but confirmed today). And we are going out next Friday! My daughter and I are going at least one of the many Harry Potter Parties around town...and staying out until we have that precious 7th installment in our hands. I figure this is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime event (although I would hope that this much excitement is generated over a book again).

*Note that if you haven't reserved a copy already, most places cannot guarantee a copy for next weekend.

Speaking of...
Here are some parties around town....
All the local libraries are having multiple events as well as most of the bookstores.
See the News-Gazette for listings plus.....

Barnes and Noble
July 14th--A Wizard Trivia Tournament
July 20th--starting at 9pm they will be handing out wristbands and numbers to those who reserved a copy. While we all wait until 12:01am, they will have a costume contest, face painting, games, etc.

July 20th--The Grand Hallows Ball starting at 930pm. They will have The Great Snape Debate, Spelling Bee, costume contest, Candy walk, Bertie Bott's tasting, fortune telling, Guess that Spell, etc.
They will host a party from 11pm-2am including games, etc. and book release.

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