Thursday, June 28, 2007

Changes in the Wind...

I know that I have been behind on my posts...but for good reason. Our family is undergoing a dramatic life change right now. After 6 years of working in an office (almost 5 of those trying to find a fire fighter job) husband finally needed to change his life. So he quit his job and became a full-time EMT. The job he had was his first 'real' job out of college and it was only supposed to get us through my grad school...but we ended us staying around for years and years. And he has been trying to find a fire fighter/EMT job that would attempt to support us for years but they are few and far between. But he needed a we took the chance.

He went from working Monday through Friday, 9-5pm with a set salary and awesome benefits to working 3 overnight shifts a week on an hourly pay (but with full benefits). Essentially, it is a 50% pay cut! But...he worked it out with his old job that he can work part-time for them on an hourly basis...and he has another freelance job that he has been doing all along anyways. Oh...and I got a job as well (that's another post). So, we now have four income sources that we hope will equal, if not exceed, our previous income (please, please, please!).

So...our schedule is nuts! (Did I mention he is back in school a bit as well?) Adjusting will take some time...but I hope we do. And the anxiety over money is a bit stressful...but we hope we will adjust to that (I liked the one big paycheck each month). And hopefully it will only be this crazy for a year until he is a full paramedic and will starting looking for fire fighter/paramedic jobs once more.

But I tell will be worth it. My husband, although he did like his job, was suffering. This was affecting everyone. He needed to do something he really enjoyed and wanted to do. So...being a little crazy for a short amount of time should give us some great long-term benefits.

Happy parents=happy family...I always say.

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Wade said...

You guys are an inspiration! I love and admire you all very much! Best of luck with the new job(s) ... I can't wait to hear how they go!