Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Review

Hairspray (PG, 1hr 47min)

This is a movie about a musical that is about a movie....but one of my favorites. I love the John Waters movie but haven't seen the musical (although I enjoy the soundtrack). And in this upcoming age of musicals (thank you!)...this is a great one to get people back into the genre. Besides the great music (listen to the hilarious lyrics), dancing (all big Broadway), costumes (actual vintage), sets...the message is great...and the cast will bring in many ages. My 5yo niece loved it...and I can see is mostly all music and dancing.

The story is actually about integration in the 6o's including race and size. And it is a nice one for the younger set to understand what life was like only 45 years ago and what remains of that in current society. Maybe even encourage some activism. But in addition to the social might get them singing and dancing (which is good for lots of things).

The cast is fabulous! Newcomer Nicole Blonsky is amazing and really gives some encouragement to kids to reach for their dreams (ok, I saw her on Oprah). High School Musical's Zac Efron is a great heartthrob (watch out for your pre-teen girls!) and Amanda Bynes is always a joy to watch. Christopher Walken steps out of his usual creepiness to play a really sweet daddy. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the evil former Miss Baltimore Crown with her usual sexy cunning. Queen Latifah is fabulous as always. And of course, John Travolta is SUPER! he plays a perfect insecure yet strong momma (a perfect match to Walken!). There are also a few cameos from stars of the original movie and musical.

If you kids are over is a great family movie (either now in the theater or later for a family movie night).

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