Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't Walk...Run!

I know its only mid-July, but according to the retail world, Fall is upon us! Although I hate the idea of buying school supplies and wool sweaters in this heat....I sure do like the clearance sales! Now is the time to pick some great stuff for NEXT summer!

Head out and get a new bathing suit! Buy new ones for the ever-growing children (buy at least 1 size larger)! Sandles too. Pool items are usually a great find this time of year too...saying you can still use them for a bit. Find a cute dress for that upcoming wedding season (I learned last year that you can't buy summer dresses in August).

End-of-season sales are the best...but also don't go crazy of the bat...prices (and selection, however) will go down as the summer comes to and eventual end.

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Gwenna said...

Just did that today...found some great summer clothes for my dd for next summer. Gotta love shopping, especially when you know you're being smart and getting good deals! :)