Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clean-up Cookies and Puppy Dogs

So, a follow-up on the Mess Control here....

Today I made a batch of Clean-up Cookies!
I started making chocolate chip cookies (really to satisfy my PMS cravings)....when I started I said that anyone who wants a cookie needs to clean up all the toys out in the living and dining rooms...by the time I am finished baking them.

Well, that worked. My 3yo also cleaned up the porch. This also works with Clean-up Cupcakes or Muffins!

Then...the boys are really into pretending to be puppy dogs...so I had the puppies fetch all the large Lego pieces (not the small, choking-hazard ones) and put them in the bucket. That worked too.

It all would have been heavenly, had the belt on the vacuum not broken!! Doh!!!

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lbotp said...

I will have to file that tactic away for later!