Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Traditions

Our family has always had very specific Easter traditions. When I was a child, we would dye hard-boiled eggs with the traditional Paas sets** (many years, my dad didn't cook the eggs enough). We also painted blown eggs (always fun to test our peak flow by trying to blow an egg yolk through a tiny pin prick). My mom has all the eggs from our childhood. Just like Christmas morning, we would wake up incredibly early and sit at the top of the staircase and wait until a more appropriate hour to force our parents out of bed. My mom would walk downstairs to make sure the Easter Bunny came. Then when she called up to us, we would run down. My brothers would find most of the eggs and I would end up crying trying to find an egg on my own. Most years, the boys had to rehide eggs for me. Our Easter Bunny would hide all of our hard-boiled eggs and leave our baskets on the dining room table filled with jelly beans, malted milk balls, and books. After our candy-filled breakfast, we would eventually head to my Polish grandparents for beet-red horseradish (to symbolize Jesus' blood) and Polish sausage.

I was sure this was exactly how every other family celebrated this holiday.

Fast-forward to our first Easter as a couple, my husband, unfortunately, had to suffer through years of celebrating Easter completely wrong...all his life, just wrong. He did dye eggs but his Easter Bunny only hid their Easter baskets. No eggs! Maybe we was too tired from hiding them at my house, just 4 blocks away. My husband, his sister, and parents would hide the eggs and then find them. They also didn't eat horseradish, at all, ever.

So we had to settle on some traditions for our own children. So, our bunny hides baskets and eggs...lots of eggs (we dye a bunch as well as use plastic eggs). The baskets are still filled with jelly beans and books, but Peeps are the star (which take their turns in the microwave). Instead of blowing out eggs, we decorate a couple hard-boiled ones with ribbon, pipecleaners, markers, etc. and compete to throw/roll them the farthest. And I have to eat my horseradish by myself.

**Smile Politely has included an article about using natural materials for egg dying.

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