Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

To follow up on the last post, this year's Easter celebrations were fantastic.

Of course the boys wake up before 6am! We kept them content until 8am and then let it begin. The teenager was finding all the easy eggs and the 6yo seemed to only find baskets as the 4yo would just cry when someone else grabbed one he saw (bad flashbacks to my childhood). Oddly enough, the youngest one found the most hidden basket and eggs. Then let the sugar rush begin! We kind of let limits go on Christmas and Easter but I think everyone was restrained today. And no Peeps made it into the microwave yet.

After a day of leisure, we came back together to decorate our eggs for The Egg Games! After a lot of crying from the middle kid about his egg cracking, we finally began.
Each participant selects one game. The games consisted of:
*Egg rolling/throwing (6yo won)--rolling your egg the furthurest
*Tree hitting (husband won)--throwing egg at our baby trees and hitting the trunk
*Egg running (mom won)--running with an egg in between your knees
*Swinging Egg Toss (no one won)--tossing your egg to another player while swinging on the swingset

Always fun! Overall, the day was full of fun and family.

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