Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dragons are on Fire!

Since we didn't go anywhere for Spring Break, we decided to go something special with everyone. So after shopping with the teenager, I took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon and even splurged for the 3D experience (after my 6yo begged and begged). We went to a matinee (which is cheaper) and got some kid's combos with popcorn, fruit snacks, and soda (a big treat!). (Note to CU movie goers, the Beverly has raised their concession prices)

How to Train Your Dragon (PG, 98 mins)
First, I loved that the theater had child-size 3D glasses (which I haven't seen before), of course they almost didn't fit the 6yo with his big head.

The movie itself shares the journey of Hiccup as he, and his Viking community, discovers who he is. The main story is not necessarily original but the characters are delightful. The animation is wonderful. The setting and costumes are fresh and funny to the animation genre (I can say I haven't seen a Viking village and its giant, hairy inhabitants before). The dragons are nutty and unique as well. The vocal talents are good with Jay Baruchel's Hiccup clearing standing out.

Overall, the kids loved it! The 4yo liked every part. The 6yo liked the big climax of the movie (which I won't spoil). The grown up enjoyed it.

I think most children over 4 will love this movie, especially if they like dragons at all. My boys loved it! The dragon scenes might be scary for some kids, especially in 3D, and they talk about hunting and killing dragons (however, the story resolves some of this issue). I would recommend it as a treat in the theater without 3D and definitely on DVD for a family movie night.


The Fearless Freak said...

We saw it this afternoon. MF wants a pet baby dragon now! LOL I wasn't impressed with the 3-D (motion sickness issues) but the animation was good and the story was funny :)

Jenna said...

I don't like 3D...I wore my real glasses the past two times I've gone and it gives me a headache. But I think its here to stay.

julie said...

We saw it last night and really enjoyed it. Didn't go to the 3D version though.