Monday, March 01, 2010

Oscar Update

Since I am sure everyone is really interested in how I feel about the Oscars....Let's talk the Big 10.

An Education (haven't seen it yet and can't find it but it looks fantastic, can't wait)

Avatar (haven't seen it yet but I will try this week)
I'm sure this will win some awards but I don't know which. I am not confident it will win the big prize.

A Serious Man (not to be confused with A Single Man)
I really liked this film until it ended. The characters are rich, the dialogue fantastic, and the acting spot on (every part of the ensemble is very strong). The production design is beautiful and true to period. It is funny, serious, and, for the most part, real. Most people can identify with the main character and plot but then it just ends without resolution. This is not really nominated for anything else except Best Original Screenplay (which is might win, the screenplay is great).

District 9
I am not a sci-fi person but I actually really enjoyed this film. The documentary-style is very engaging and drew me in more so than a traditional linear-plot. You have to give the movie at least 15min to get things going. I absolutely loved Slarlto Copley's Wikus Van De Merwe. This is one of the best character's and portrayals of the year. It can be a bit gory at times but it has some interesting social implications (which I always love). It won't win but it might for visual effects (it is a movie where you just can't figure out how they do it).

Inglorious Basterds
I would not normally seek out Tarantino films but....I thought this was highly entertaining (despite the violence and blood). Of course, future Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz is brilliant. His character is great but his acting makes the movie. The first 10mins of this film are fantastic.

I love to read books that are now movies so I found this to be a great adaptation of the very intense Push by Sapphire. This being said, I don't know how the film comes across to someone who is unfamiliar with the novel. Overall, this film is a good story with strong performances and great directing and editing. It is shocking to know that the Oscar-nominated lead, Gaby Sidibe, had never acted before and Mo'Nique is a comedian (she will surely win her Oscar on Sunday). Even though I don't think Lee Daniels will win, I hope he makes another amazing film so he can get his well-deserved celebration.

The Blind Side (haven't seen it but waiting for it on my Library-flicks)
I assume that Sandra Bullock will win for her performance (unless Gaby knocks her out).

The Hurt Locker
I rarely see war movies. I had expected to be able to tell that the film was directed by a woman, like there would be more dialogue or emotional nonsense (like Steel Magnolia meets Platoon) but that was not the case. I had a major issue with this one (despite the fact it looks like it might win best picture and best director). I didn't feel there was any character development or resolution (just lots of bomb work). In short, I didn't get it.

I love this movie! Love it! I have written a full review of this movie on the blog but let's recap. The story is perfect. The characters are rich and developed. The visual aspects are fantastic. And, unlike, most of the films, the story is complete! I felt very satisfied with the film in all aspects. I am positive it will win Best Animated Film.

Up in the Air
I really enjoyed this film. I love George Clooney, so I can watch him do anything for 90mins. The story here is very timely and touches most viewers. The supporting cast, both women are nominated, are strong and truly support the lead and make the film successful. I did want a little more story at the end. Although a great film, I don't think it was strong enough in the aspects of film to win much on Oscar night.

In summary, none of these films blew me away and made me think....OMG, when is the DVD coming out so I watch this over and over again (without kids, I would not own Up). But since we have to pick....I think Hurt Locker will probably win big at the Oscars (Avatar might win more but HL will take Best Picture/Director).

If I was in charge, out of these choices.....I would go independent with Precious. Overall, it hits not only in story and acting but technical aspects such as direction, art design, screenplay, and editing. (A Serious Man would probably have it but the ending....yuck!)

What are your opinions?


Laura Weisskopf Bleill said...

I normally see a lot more of the Oscar films but haven't this year. One I did see is The Blind Side. I was BLOWN AWAY by Sandra Bullock's performance. I forgot she was Sandra Bullock! LOL

BTW thanks for linking to chambanamoms!

Jenna said...

I saw Avatar tonight and was disappointed. I did like the pacing for most of the film until the end dragged on and on. I simply thought the story was one we have seen before (a mash up of Poccahontas, Platoon, and Jurassic Park). The metaphoric message was obvious and, again, not a new one. And I hate 3D...why people?