Friday, March 12, 2010

Fitness Friday

Another DVD program review: Physique 57

If you want to tone up and strengthen your body to look hot at the pool or beach this summer, do this!

Physique 57 combines strength training and a mild cardio workout to tone out your legs, core, and arms. It is slightly based on ballet (and the videos are full of dancers so don't be discouraged by them if you can't stretch as long and beautiful as them). You use light weights, a ball, mat, and chair (or ballet barre). You basically burn out each muscle until it is shaking and fatigued.

Although it is challenging (and the first time you do it, you might not get through it) once you build up your muscles and endurance, it will sculpt you up beautifully. The creator, Tanya Becker, is entertaining enough to get you through and make you laugh from time to time. They do provide modifications for all fitness levels and you can always press pause. I did not find the cardio enough to burn into my fat, so I would pair this with some more intense cardio to see better results and balance your fitness needs.

Currently, they have an hour work out (or 57mins) plus shorter 30min Arms, Abs, and full-body versions. They have a studio in NYC to take live classes.

And as with any program I recommend, it only works if you put the work into it!

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