Friday, March 05, 2010

Fitness Friday!!!

I suppose this relates to fitness...Jarling's Custard Cup in Champaign opens for the season today! Add some fruit to your snowstorm to make it healthy!

I've gotten into NBC's The Biggest Loser, and since some people I know have and love Gillian Michael's DVD's, I had to check them out.

I love to watch fitness DVD's (yes, I just watch them as research, I rarely actually do them in my living room). I've watched a lot.

Overall, I think Jillian Michael's 30 Shred and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism are very good programs.

The 30 Shred is a great beginner program. It follows an easy format of 3mins of strength, 2min of cardio, 1min of core (and repeat for 20min). This allows you to focus on one movement at a time. It also allows you to move quickly from exercise to exercise (you can endure 3mins of anything, right?). She provides enough modifications to meet all fitness levels. There are three workouts on the DVD so as you get stronger, you can move up. For beginners that actually do this for 30 days, you will feel stronger and increase your fitness level. What I really like about this program, was that it was 20min per day...who doesn't have 20min to devote to themselves.

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism is for a more advanced participant. I won't lie, it is challenging. It is almost in a boot-camp style format with lots of strength and cardio drills. She does not provide as many modifications so beginners will have to alter the workout to fit their fitness level. It is also 45mins long. I have no doubt that doing this program twice a week will get you into great shape. But since this is more challenging and longer, it might be more difficult for people to stick with it.

Jillian has other DVD titles that I am sure are equally good. She is motivating and gives good fitness information (both have 'extras' with more information). Her boxing form is terrible but I like that she includes a variety of fitness styles within both DVDs (such as plyometrics, pilates, boxing, athletic drills, weight work). I would prefer more 'normal' people on the DVD working out with her (those ladies are in amazing shape) but...

Overall, if you like working out at your house or want something to take with you when you can't get to the gym, I recommend Jillian's DVDs. But remember, you only get out what you put in. You have to do the work.

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