Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something I never planned on

I think I always planned on being a mom and teacher. I could envision myself playing with children, nursing my babies, watching them running in a field of green grass. I also like pets and always had something growing up and most of my adult life. I enjoy listening to the purring of my cats, watching them groom and care for each other, and chase ridiculous items around the house. In all these blissful images, I never once included poop or pee. Not once but I should have because it is a major part of my life!

I spend a considerable about of time talking and dealing with this topic. I have blogged about it before but today was a very active day. My 6yo wet the bed this morning up to his armpits and had to stay home from school because he was so constipated (he is better now). I had to run to the store at bedtime to get some more pull ups. At school, of course, we are simultaneously potty training 15 children. I am always asking someone if they need to use the bathroom. I am lucky to pee by myself without some at best, standing right outside the door. And our kitten was very angry with us over bringing her to the vet that she needed to mark her territory when she came home. (all this while my husband decided to redo the plumbing in the laundry room).

I'm not complaining, I am happy to help children successfully navigate the bathroom world. Bedwetting happens, no big deal. Animals have natural instincts. Sure, no problem. But I find myself talking about it all day long.

Do you need to go pee? Are you sure? Let's get there quick! Hold it! Do you need new panties? Do you feel like all the poop is out? Push your penis down, please. Do you want to stand up or sit down? Do you need a new diaper? Is that pee I smell? I know you don't feel like it but you have to try. Did he poop today? Is that pee or juice on your pants? You used the potty, awesome!

Do other adults talk like this? I sure don't remember hearing my parents talk like this when I was a kid but perhaps it was perfectly normal conversation even then. I suppose I will get a chunk of time where this won't be at the forefront of my life (until my children are saying the same things to me and my husband) but for now it is.

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Phil W. said...

You're not alone -- although at the other end of the age spectrum the language is slightly different. But "pee" or "pee-pee" is a cultural universal. :)