Monday, June 29, 2009

Things I have Found....

Things I have found in my house this past week:
*Scissors in the dryer

*All the legos in a bottle of apple juice

*A wolfman figurine in the Parmesan cheese

*A whole bottle of conditioner slicking the bathtub

*A cup of lightning bugs wrapped in plastic wrap

*Piles of grass on the carpet under the dining room table

*A lion in the butter dish

Things I am still looking for:
*Smart Card for the Dish Network receiver

*Most of the forks

*My bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Almond candies

*The curtain rods for the boys' windows

*A clean towel when I get out of the shower

1 comment:

Dan S said...

That's a hilarious list. I would stop looking for those chocolates though, and concentrate on finding the wrappers.