Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Time...its here!

Sure, its really a couple days away but Mother Nature says it is summer people! This week it is H-O-T! Into the 90's and humid!

We are entering those days when I don't let my kids play outside too long at a time. When every time you step out of your air conditioned house you say "Whew, its hot out here!" When you sweat like a beast in your car that has been sitting in the sunniest spot in the parking lot while you try to roll the windows down as fast as possible. When a popsicle never tasted so good.

I like the idea of in the sun, more free time, I love the pool. And I have just come to accept that fact that I sweat...a lot. But I also can't wait until October when the humidity finally dies down and you get to wear a sweater again.

And despite what is happening outside...this is also the time of year for layering your clothing. The movie theaters, libraries, and grocery stores become so cold you have to remember to bring a coat with you so you don't freeze. And if you don't have A/C, those are the places to hang out.

So stay cool out there and drink lots of water! Enjoy!

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