Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Chance to be in a Movie, for now!

Film Extras for Leading Ladies Ballroom Competition

When: Saturday, June 20, 9am for most of the day.

Where: Franklin Middle School, 817 N. Harris, Champaign

What: Series of scenes at an amateur, Midwestern ballroom competition

Who: All ages (10 years old and older) and types. We will need at least 100 people for this scene to watch and mingle during the competition. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

What to Bring:

2-3 costume choices within these guidelines:

One scene takes place in early Fall, One scene takes place in early Spring

No Black, white, pinks, bright greens, t-shirts, jeans, logos or trademarks, large prints

Think special occasion or church. Men can wear suits, ties, tuxes, if desired.

Women should wear normal make-up.

Please bring something quiet to do while you are waiting throughout the day (reading material, crosswords). Do not bring ANYTHING that makes ANY noise. Cell phones must be turned off for the duration of filming. We will provide some food and drinks. You may bring your own as well. It will mostly likely be very hot that day, so please make sure to drink lots of water.

Leading Ladies is not responsible for any damaged or stolen property. Consider leaving valuables at home. You will not receive payment or housing for this position. You will receive screen credit.

Participation is subject to crew’s approval.

For more information, contact Jenna at (630)532-7672 or jenna@leadingladiesmovie.com

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