Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Means No

Lately, I have gotten very frustrated by my children misunderstanding the word "No".

They will ask me for something (can I have a marshmallow for breakfast? can I stay up late and watch Clone Wars? I can put this book in the microwave? I get a facebook page?), I will clearly respond "No." They will ask again, repeatedly, and I will calmly answer "No" each time. An hour later, they will ask again.

I think "No" is a pretty clear message. Once in awhile I will give reasoning or an alternative to the request.

No means no.


Julie said...

"Finger pointing, eyebrows low
Mouth in the shape of the letter O
Red means stop. Do not go.
No, no, no"

--They Might Be Giants No! lyrics--

It's on continuous loop at our house and mine aren't preschoolers!!

The Fearless Freak said...

My kids get one answer. After that, I threaten to take away something they want if they ask again. Generally, they only ask once.

Gwenna said...

And the heat doesn't help either... Seriously!