Friday, June 26, 2009

Frugal Friday

Summertime can get pretty expensive. Just having the kids home all day can add up on the grocery bill. But I also feel like we go out eat, to play, to travel.

So pick your activities wisely.

Our Top Three Free Summer Activities:
1. The Library!
In addition to the regular amazing offerings of the library (I mean you can just go there and read in the A/C) but most libraries have a great selection of additional activities over the summer. Not to mention, summer reading programs for all ages!

2. Park District Sponsored Concerts!
In CU, both districts offer a few EACH week at various locations and offering a wide variety of music. (see here for Champaign and Urbana listings).

3. The Outdoors!
Play in the yard, turn on the sprinkler (and run through it with your kids), walk to a park, explore a local forest preserve or woods. Sit outside and read, have dinner on the deck, go catch lightning bugs! With or without kids, these things are fun things.

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