Friday, June 12, 2009

Fitness Friday

I know its been awhile...partly because I am teaching so many fitness classes!

To partly promote myself and to tell you about something I care deeply about....drumming.

Drumming is an amazing exercise for your body...but more so your brain and soul.

I teach a cardio-drumming fitness class, Drums Alive. For grown ups, we use large balance balls and step risers to create a drum. Add some drum sticks and you have a fabulous drum set! I combine basic drumming techniques, dance, and fitness into a great workout. I use very easy choreography and outstanding music for all over the world to create a group hour of fun (and fitness)! And yes, you will sweat!

For the kiddos, I use five-gallon buckets turned upside-down and dowel rods. We also have different sizes of other Tupperware containers. We turn on music (which is always playing in my classroom) and let them feel the beat. Although I might give some direction once in awhile, often the kids take it upon themselves to arrange the drums in groups or a circle and experiment hitting the drum in different ways.

So besides the obvious physical benefits of drumming....drumming is fantastic for your brain. It increases pathways between the left and right side, improves coordination, rhythm, reduces stress, releases endorphins. Additionally, drumming is an amazing social activity. I have kids who rarely participate in 'group time' always head over once someone brings out the drums to join the circle. And there is nothing like feeling silly all together with a group of adults!

Come to a class....head to a drum circle (check your local entertainment papers)...pull out the pots and pans and wooden spoons.....pound on the table...have fun!


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